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Hello and welcome to Pacific Models. My name is Ian Wilson and I design and produce the railway models and accessories featured on this website.

I was the originator of the Prototype Models range of cardboard construction kits, and a former director of Slaters Plastikard. For many years I was the track plan illustrator for British Railway Modelling magazine, so my model railway pedigree goes back a long way!

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Our Products

Smokebox Numberplates

Smokebox Numberplates help you to apply the correct number to the front of your locos with a minimum of effort. They are available in 4mm (OO) and 7mm (O) scales, and each sheet contains the numbers of all locos in a class running in 1955, plus standard classes built after then.

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Destination Boards

Covering all regions of British Railways, all boards are available both in 4mm (OO) and 7mm (O) scales. We also offer a bespoke service for boards not in the standard range - including LMS and LNER boards.

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DMU/EMU Destination Blinds

12 regional sheets of destination blinds in 4mm (OO) and 7mm (O) for green DMUs to suit the location of your model, at least 23 destinations per sheet - with standard blinds plus blinds to suit Derby Lightweight & Pressed Steel DMUs. Also 2 sheets of Southern EMU numeric headcodes, and a sheet of Diesel & DMU headcodes - 4 character; 2-2 split codes; and 2 character DMU codes.

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USA Diesel Numberboards

If you plan to customise a locomotive with the number of your choice, the trickiest part is patching together four numberboards from a decal sheet. Our range of diesel numberboards for Eastern Roads gives you the whole class, with variations in style where appropriate.

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USA Scenic

We have a small range of craftsman USA structure kits in 2mm (N) - a Yard Office based on the prototype at Coatesville Pa, and a set of Track Maintenance Structures also from Coatesville.

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Custom Sheets

If you have a collection of BR locomotives to re-number and don't want the expense of buying all the separate sheets for each class, we can provide you with just the numbers you require on one custom sheet. In addition we produce bespoke sheets for LMS locomotives.

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UK Scenic

For detailing your roadsides we have a sheet of Manhole Covers, Drains and Fire Hydrant Signs in 4mm (OO) and 7mm (O) scales.

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