About Pacific Models

New in 2020 was a sheet of BR(E) exGER suburban lines details in 4mm and 7mm scales, followed by a range of regional DMU destination blinds. This range includes two sheets of route numbers for Southern EMUs – pre 1960 and post 1960. The range has been added to with the introduction of a sheet of 4 character diesel & DMU headcodes, which includes split 2-2 headcodes and DMU 2 character codes.

NEW in 2021 is a service offering bespoke Station Nameboards for modellers to customise stations and signal boxes on their layouts. This service is available in all scales and regional variations.

I am an active modeller of both British and American railways, and have produced a range of USA diesel numberboards covering Eastern Roads. My N scale American layout 'Mackenzieville Yard & Glendale Junction' has appeared in print in the UK ands USA, while my ‘Bridgefield Quarries’ O scale ironstone layout appeared in BRM during 2020 and is booked to appear in Railway Modeller in 2022. On the right is a photograph of my OO layout based on Edenham in Lincolnshire which is due to appear in the September 2021 issue of Railway Modeller.